Friday, 30 September 2016

134Billion, the cost of hearing loss...

Image result for wasted money eurosThere is increasing evidence within Europe and across the world of the economic impact of hearing loss to society to meet the increased medical and social costs incurred, and take into account lost earnings. The annual economic costs to European countries has been estimated as:


A more recent study in England found the costs associated with hearing loss were estimated at £30.13 billion per year, including medical and social costs (Archbold, Lamb, O’Neil, 2015). In France, a recent estimation was 23.4 billion euros. (KervasdouĂ©, J. Hartmann, L. 2016)

The cost of NOT providing hearing technologies has been shown to be greater than the cost of providing them. (O’Neil et al., 2016) Health systems need to calculate the real health costs of hearing loss. Not providing hearing aids and cochlear implants should be seen as a massive risk. It stores up more costly demands on health services and social care for the future.

Your right to Mental Health services...

Unitact for the Deaf and HoH...

Love is never silent...

Image result for LOve is never silentStill the best deaf film ever made about deaf people and their CODA, so forget children of a lesser God etc, this was very real.

Love is Never Silent screening to benefit Virginia Organizing. Virginia Organizing will screen the movie Love is Never Silent at Wayne Hills Deaf Fellowship (877 Ladd Road, Waynesboro) on Friday, September 30. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the movie will begin at 6 p.m.

“For the past year, members of the Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro Chapter of Virginia Organizing have put a lot of time and energy into raising awareness about communication access in hospitals and issues important to the deaf community,” said Virginia Organizing leader Ronna Wertman. “This event will be a great opportunity to share the highlights of our efforts and to celebrate the accomplishments of our members.”

“We hope people will come out to learn more about Virginia Organizing and the deaf community and to offer their support so we can continue this important work together,” said Wertman.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

NADP: Adding subtitles and Captions.

Sound Of Music in Auslan

Yorkshire Police support Deaf Week.

West Yorkshire Police is supporting Deaf Awareness Week this week. See our new video by Force Deaf Champion and Staff Member Chloe Lockey.

Deaf-Blind: In a sighted/hearing world.

Bali's Deaf Village...

Balinese artists dance to rhythmic drumming as men sit cross legged around them, jiggling their arms and chanting. 

It appears to be just another show on the Indonesian resort island, known for its ancient culture and rituals, but there is a key difference -- the dancers are all deaf and cannot hear the beat.