Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tag Hijacking: The Deaf Cuckoo syndrome...

I wonder if this means we can approach google and object to ASL/BSL tags that utilise NON-signing video searches for own campaigns ?  I am probably not the only one fed up of searching for 'Deafened/HoH/HI/deaf/lip-reading/speaking..' etc and finding it an ASL or BSL-only signed only video, and falling foul of the abuses  via D/d too.

The issue is mostly, that these people are not even using the same LANGUAGE or communication formats we are.   It would be like me posting a video entirely devoted to the French speaking area, only using German instead, via using the tag 'French' on the basis there are a few there who speak that, it's a ploy to get higher audiences for their cause-celeb  basically, by tagging whatever you can to get the interest, if its any help to these frauds,  using the term 'Porn' does wonders..... 

This piggy back lobby really irritates me. Whilst some deaf and HI do cross sections of the loss community, the blatant abuse of the tags by signing and cultural areas has almost obliterated the non-signing/hearing loss search options.

Born Deaf teen now hears with her brain..

Do ASL users have a right to certified Interpreters on VRS ?

Grace Gealey advocates for the deaf on US TV show

Caymanian actress Grace Gealey makes an appearance on US daytime TV once again. This time she headed to the set of “The Doctors” to share her experience of growing up with deaf parents.

She expressed that she had found there was not a lot of understanding for people living with disabilities. When asked what she thinks is the biggest misconception about the deaf community, Miss Gealey responded saying “the most surprising one is that people think that because someone is deaf that they’re unintelligent.”

She added “That’s the number one; and so they speak to a deaf person like they’re 3-years-old and it’s like ‘My mom can understand you, she just can’t hear you’,” explained Miss Gealey.

Both of Miss Gealey’s parents are hearing impaired. Her father was born with hearing loss and after suffering a bout of pneumonia, her mother lost her hearing at the age of two.

In fact, Miss Gealey learned how to speak in sign language before learning how to talk.