Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Deaf must pay the price of Crime too.

I read with sadness Mr Blackwell suggesting deaf people who commit crimes, should be able to play the 'Deaf Card' as some sort of get out of free jail option.

The deaf community is not about lobbying for exceptions to rules everyone else has to follow, it's about equality.  I share Mr Blackwell's concern about support whilst in Jail.

The issue with this particular crime of fraud, was that it undermined the basic principles of fair play and rights deaf people lobby for, i.e. a level playing field.  AtW funding is a hot potato in regards to support deaf people into work, it's a VERY expensive aspect to do that, and the people jailed stole £1,000,000s worth of funding that could have created jobs for many deaf people.

This wasn't a victim-less crime, it was one that robbed deaf people directly.  Suggestions only the state took a loss was false, we all did as a result of this fraud, and without  paying for that, we endorse an attitude  some deaf can get away with anything they like on 'access' grounds, so the abuse not only denied deaf people a job, and undermined their integrity as a culture, it is suggested carry on breaking the law, playing the deaf card AND abusing the very access we fight so hard for.

By all means lobby they get their signed support, do NOT excuse what they do, or suggest they should get away with it....  By the same tokens expressed, if the fraudsters had all been hearing, all hell would have broken loose, so duality too... sad.

These people profited by denying us, had holidays and expensive cars, and homes, crime must pay.  More so with these people they were pretending to act as our support.  There are more than a few other deaf who want the key thrown away  i.e. after they got locked up !

Hello Young lovers (Whatever you hear)..

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

David Cluff: My story...

From shy to being comfortable with public speaking events, David B. Cluff shares his story. David is highly motivated and passionate about the deaf and helping individuals through his experience as a Cochlear Implant recipient. 

The good old days...

Terry and Ernie share their memories of the good old days of North West Deaf Sports, remembering all the good times they had playing in matches and competitions. 

They recall which sports were involved in NW Deaf Sports back in the day and how many members there were then. But they also explain that over the years the numbers of people involved have got less and less and so sadly now NW Deaf Sports is dying and things aren't the same as they were.

Woof !: Taxi driver fined for refusing guide dog.

court gavelA Preston taxi driver has been fined after he refused to take a passenger with a guide dog.

Zabar Hussain has become the first cabbie in the county to be fined under the Equality Act after he denied Cheryl Johnson and her Labrador a lift home. Preston magistrates ordered 44-year-old Hussain, of Oozehead Lane, Blackburn, to pay a £55 fine, a £20 victim surcharge and £250 costs.

A charity's warned incidents like this aren't isolated. The Guide Dogs organisation claim nearly half of guide dog owners have been refused access to things like shops and taxis in the last year.

Emma Allen-Taylor is the engagement officer at the charity, she said: “Almost half of guide dog owners surveyed have experienced an access refusal in the last year. We’re campaigning so that assistance dog owners can access taxis, shops and restaurants without being refused entry, in line with their legal rights.