Friday, 24 May 2013

Deaf Club aims for charity status.

Looks like AOHL and the BDA/SIGN MATTERS charities aren't up to it........  despite £55m a year to spend, I'd be asking why these charities get/raise so much funding for deaf and HI, but grass roots see none of it, or demand the job centres do the job THEY are paid for......      Maybe if charities stopped paying HEARING people to make us charity cases for a wage, more of US would be in employment.......  Gloucester seems a good model to follow... or ask Cheryl ?

Walthamstow Deaf Club volunteers hope to become charity.  Volunteers behind a deaf club hope to gain charitable status so they can do more to support the hearing-impaired community.  Walthamstow Deaf Club supports dozens of people in the area, with up to 50 members and their families coming every week to their base in the Welcome Centre at St Mary’s Church in Church End, Walthamstow.

The club, co-founded by Jackie Benson, has been open for nine years but nearly closed last summer when its rent at Orford House in Walthamstow Village proved impossible to meet.   But now at its new and cheaper location, with more volunteers, the club hopes it can begin to raise more money to support deaf people, many of whom, claims Mrs Benson, are being hit by the government’s reduction of benefit entitlements as they struggle to find work.

She said: “It’s extra hard for a deaf person to find work at the moment, we want to do all we can for them. “If someone takes on a deaf person by law they have to have someone there that can sign to them and that is just so rare.  “We have a factory worker and someone in the police but that’s about it. It’s very tough out there.”  She hopes the club can help them by providing more computer equipment to find and apply for jobs but said funding for a voluntary organisation is hard to come by right now.

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