Saturday, 29 June 2013

Deaf Support Network links to Specsavers

Obviously the way forward, to work with private enterprise to focus support where deaf people need it, as averse to relying on 'national' charities, that ignore them in the UK in pursuit of self interest and working with the state against them..

Cheshire’s leading deafness support charity has joined forces with Specsavers to provide a range of assessment services in Macclesfied to people affected by hearing loss.  One of Specsavers’ audiology experts will work from Deafness Support Centre’s Bridge Street offices every Wednesday. Patients can be referred by their GP to benefit from a range of services including hearing tests, the fitting of hearing aids and aftercare.

The new service is the result of recent NHS reforms and is revolutionising the provision of hearing loss support across Cheshire East.  The changes mean that people, over the age of 55, no longer need to go to hospital for their free NHS hearing aid. They can now access these services at DSN’s centre, courtesy of Specsavers.

DSN’s Gill Reeder said: “We have experts in all aspects of hearing loss, some of our staff are hearing impaired, so we know better than anyone the problems that people face when they start using hearing aids.  “We actively encourage patients to access DSN equipment service and make the most of our free hearing management and lipreading courses.”

DSN, which also has offices in Warrington, Chester and Northwich, hopes to expand the partnership throughout Cheshire over the next year.


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