Friday, 21 June 2013

Mimix saves the day....

Vlog/captions.   This video introduce to us some troubles deaf have in their daily life and how it was complicated  then it shows how using technology they could have their life easier using a mobile application called mimix which translates speech to sign language so deaf and hard hearing people can download it on their mobile application and got their life easier

The movie starts with the deaf setting in a cafe and trying to order something
but the waiter don't understand him so he keep waiting with no results after that the story goes to accessories shop when the deaf person again try to ask the sales person to get a hand bag but again they could not understand each others, but fortunately a customer comes to this shop knows about a mobile app(mimix) which can translates speech to sign language so he began to use it to communicates after that the deaf like it and download it from the play store using this link,  his life changed every time he needs to communicates only he needs only to run mimix 

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