Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Deaf Fashionistas

fashionista (plural fashionistas): 

People who create or promote high fashion, i.e. a fashion designer or fashion editor"

But has now evolved to mean any person or area that promotes purely on appearance or for the sake of 'Image'.   Many people are 'fashionistas', TV viewers, celebrity followers .e.g.   It is a term change similar to 'tone deaf' which has evolved to mean one who does not please the audience and is unaware of the need to change.   This is usually applied to those who pursue the same rhetoric or policies despite the public reacting unfavourably.  Deaf Fashionistas have evolved too.

The issues at community level are those fashionista slaves to the D/d thing that has destroyed unity in the deaf and HI communities and divided deaf awareness into the complete farce it is now, and even changed the face of supportive institutions and charities, who check your 'ID' at the door..... to allocate or not the imagined support you need or culture you follow... mostly at the total expense of basic need requirements.

Cultural fashionistas don't move without declaring their allegiance to the signing flag, and imagined deaf global community, Hearing loss fashionasitas follow the 'let's get as near hearing in appearance we can..', and follow that credo slavishly, assuming lip-reading means we then cannot tell deaf  people from hearing people.  One area lives in glorious isolation as a perceived right, the other by default.  

A post on one blog read.....

"So we need deprivation and oppression to move forward ? The issues seem to be today's 'campaigners' are twitterised and campaigns last only 5 minutes. Media is to blame they have used issues in the UK to promote hate messaging at those who campaign and complain. You are more likely to get support backing Al Queda than disabled people being denied basic respect and care. Campaigns today have to appeal to rights/social media fashionista's... people who do not really support anything if it means dedication and sacrifice and takes them away from their mobiles.... and whatever  topic is currently 'fashionable'.."

Says it all really, and a condemnation of social media campaigning...

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