Thursday, 11 July 2013

Barclays Bank: OK you can access us now !

Erm... your site gives no links to this access, and they still deny text access......   so the BSL user has some access and we still do not ?   You are still screwing up.   

Barclays is launching a service to help deaf customers communicate with bank staff.

Deaf people often find it frustrating trying to sort out problems in branches, with Barclays among those slammed.  There are an estimated 120,000 people who use British Sign Language – but just 700 ­interpreters (really ? the census says 15,000 and 300 terps). Far be it for me to suggest the BDA is gilding some lily here....

Booking an interpreter to come to a branch often takes more than a week and a shocking six weeks in rural areas.  The new Sign Video service from Barclays allows deaf customers to communicate with the bank using their computer or ­smartphone, or iPads in a branch.

An interpreter acts as mediator between the user and staff.  David Buxton, chief executive of the British Deaf Association, said: “This will bring us into the 21st Century.”

And leave the rest of us back in the 20th....... this is the 9th time the BDA has endorsed the non-text access as a norm, and in vital areas like banking and Public information too.  All deaf ?  sign yeah yeah yeah !


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