Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Deaf People: Apathetic and irresponsible ?

The road to empowerment is a rough one !  I recently asked the ASLI (BSL terps), would they support Direct Payments to deaf people ? and they never replied, so I am assuming they prefer to deal direct with systems not us.   They looked decidedly anxious when I asked would they support Direct Payments given to deaf people to hire them. Theoretically anyone who needs communication help is entitled to an direct payment (DWP) to be authorised by Social Service Depts, however SS will not state deaf are entitled to that support, because they fear we will actually put financial demands on Local Authorities, amazingly we were quoted an access law exists ! yes we know, it doesn't work, it's a national 'in joke',  and deaf don't use it anyway. 

SS are discriminating against the deaf and only supporting those who are blind too. No-one questions deaf-blind should get that help, but why refuse us ? We could become 'employers' of our own support and buy in as we need it, they do not want us to do that. Deaf still do not want the hassle or work of arranging own support, are they for access or against ? Do deaf and HI want access ? are even using the access law ? So far we do not see them doing either but hoping the law will provide whilst offering nil demand, and have no intention of using it if it comes as old habits die hard, and because they are using illegal family support instead.

The downside is that those who struggle to get help are denied it because of the inability/apathy of the deaf and HI community to realise they have killed their own demand for support, and in doing so denied others from getting it as the system quotes nil demand at us.. Please stop using family support. Or do we have to charge systems with using it illegally, to prevent deaf doing it ? As it stands the deaf and the system are opposed to empowering us, one because it is habit, the other, because it costs them nothing. We need the deaf and HI communities to grow up and be more responsible and take charge of themselves and not continue the reliance on others whilst claiming they are 'independent' whilst making captives of others..

There is no collective responsibility or conscience with deaf people.  It's a community with no heart and a disability masquerading as a culture, too wrapped up in semantics and dogma to see further than their nose..

Direct Payments, the criteria clearly show that fed up hearing families losing time and work as their deaf family relies on them, can actually claim DP on the deaf behalf, so if deaf are bone idle, their hearing families can try making a claim for financial help, however Systems may well challenge their right to claim if they lack interpreter qualifications (And most do not have qualifications), but it could still create a demand as hearing families hire the support for the deaf. Again deaf were proving obstructive and difficult as that would mean their families would be classed as carers for them.   Isn't it the reality, they already are ?

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