Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lip-readers: Who don't want lip-speakers ?

A comment on the dearth of lip-speaking professionals to assist the lip-readers on tours.   I rather fear the real issue is lip-reading is an failure in teaching terms to the vast majority. I really do not see lip-readers asking FOR lip-speakers at all.   I think if we had better access to text support, we'd not bother to attempt lip-reading and keep failing.   As it is only 30% effective, we still need the rest. Tuition is not street-wise, is not treated seriously, is part-time taught, and there is little or no back up outside a classroom.

No-one e.g. would attempt to teach 12 deaf people to communicate better via one teacher, you would need just ONE difficult pupil to zero whole class effectiveness.  Imagine 12 with the same problem.  My experience is that near 60% drop out in weeks. This suggests the classes are not being run properly or to best effect.   Or worse, are only encouraging those with useful hearing to attend, leaving the worse off, MORE worse off.   I found HI didn't really take loss seriously with an aid on, and polarised if someone with serious loss was showing difficulty.  Denial was alive and well and endorsed by the teachers.  

There is also no set pattern or curriculum, or awards/standards pupils need to attain to show they are progressing.  It must be the only communication educational system whereby pupils are not really expected to qualify at all, and only takes on pupils that have loss teachers can manage.   

I stopped going to a class when a tutor kicked an elder lady out because she was near deaf, for holding up her class, and was raising her voice, which pretty much proved the point a tutor should not have more than 5 or 6 In his/her class anyway, or she/he cannot give them the right attention.  It also shows they cannot manage those with an serious loss, which points to  serious gaps in THEIR qualification.  I'm surprised anyone gains any skill from LR classes.  

Then again, no-one expects you to !  The point of the classes seem to be social, not communicational, and then only social if the same people stick together, so the lip-reading aspect appears then to serve no point as a tool outside these areas, which we assumed was the whole purpose of them..

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