Thursday, 4 July 2013

Selective Reproduction's: Not all bad...

New paper out on genetic approaches towards the perfect people.   Excerpts from the new paper.  It makes NO effect on future generations, but probably does affect present disabled as they are compared to the people without issues.   However the deaf approach is cultural preservation that ignores the disability that creates that culture, go figure.....

Selective reproduction needn't imply that  people with and people without disabilities  aren't valued equally. This is because of  the important distinction between attaching  negative value to impairment and pain (which  do seem to be bad things) and attaching  negative value to people with impairment and  pain. 

Doing the first of these needn't and  shouldn't imply the second  As for the suggestion that selective reproduction  could harm existing people with disabilities  we found that there is probably some truth in  this. For example, if there were fewer people  with disabilities then fewer resources might be  allocated to making social institutions and the  built environment accessible and ‘disability friendly’. 

These dangers are real but need to  be weighed against the benefits of selective  reproduction and, in particular, the reduction in  the amount of functional limitation and pain that  might ensue if the prevalence of impairments  and painful conditions in the population could  be reduced.

Does this include mental and was as physical pain I wonder that deafness instils in many ?  Many cultural deaf e.g. ignore the fact 40% of deaf children suffer mental illness in some form... is deaf ignorance bliss ?


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