Sunday, 21 July 2013

UK Charities warned; Stay OUT of politics.

They wanted proof from ATR of charity-political involvement, well, here it is. The proof Deaf and HI charities are too close to politicians and risking their charitable status.  But why stop there ?  there are already many private web sites that hire charity staff, by-passing grass roots, they operate and support the glass ceiling too..   Not just political-charity links, try addressing private web sites begging for a percentage cut, one HERE, suspended from operating.

"The Charity Commission has suspended the website e.g.  It has created “serious concerns about the trustees’ management of the fundraising portal and the charity’s financial situation”. It has prompted media attention and responses from similar services, like JustGiving, to reassure their users, demonstrating rigour in their practices of ring-fencing cash and controlling how it is released. "

Charities under fire indeed.

and also, charities that are in reality, private care business's avoiding taxes, or actively competing on the high street with bona-fide traders via new goods sales, none made by disabled people.  Charity needs a clear out and more stringent monitoring.  

ATR applauds at least, the recognition of an issue it has brought up for 9 years is now being recognised. Now we need the Charity Commission to issue warnings to deaf and HI charities that are using politicians as trustees and 'advisor's' and representation, the message ?  "Sever the link or lose your charitable status.." 

Charities warned to stop interfering in politics by new watchdog chief.

CHARITIES should stay out of politics and wean themselves off reliance on taxpayers’ money, the new head of the charity watchdog has warned.

William Shawcross, the newly appointed chairman of the Charity Commission, signalled that he would step in to curb their political campaigning if they “overstepped the mark”, and act as a “policeman” if necessary. He also criticised the way many charities have become so “dependent” on Government grants that some have even stopped fund-raising altogether.

Post HERE To Shawcross with political links your charity has, let's weed 'em out..

His comments come amid concerns that thousands of charities have become little more than “fronts” for political interests and, in some cases, even the Government itself.  A study by the Institute of Economic Affairs earlier this year claimed that 27,000 charities had become reliant on Government cash while actively lobbying for politicians’ pet causes.


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