Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wi-fi Loop access.

The Glendale Civic Center has installed an FM System to enhance the quality of sound for hard-of-hearing clients.

The city-owned conference center received a Deaf and Hard of Hearing grant with partial funding from the Arizona Community Foundation.  The new technology incorporates hidden wireless antennas in the ceiling that transmit signals to small handheld receivers so the sound in the room goes directly into hearing aids.

The result is the elimination of background noise creating clear communication with speakers, musicians and presentations.  “We believe this is a great asset to the services we provide at the conference center and can assist us in delivering a quality experience for our guests,” said Mario Rochin, Civic Center general manager. “We couldn’t have done this without the Arizona Community Foundation and for that we are grateful.”

For hard-of-hearing guests, this new service is free and allows them to wear a neck loop (like a necklace), an ear hook or a small set of headphones to receive the signal directly into their hearing aids or their ears.


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