Saturday, 10 August 2013

Author has book translated into sign language

For 83-year-old resident of The Village at Gleannloch Farms Marcia Bennett, words have always been a huge part of her life. As a writer of five published books, she enjoys telling stories to children. However, she had never thought about the children who would not be able to hear these stories read out loud.  That is, not until she recently agreed to have the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin translate her books into American Sign Language (ASL) and signed on a video.

“I feel very honored to have two of my books selected to be translated into ASL,” said Bennett. “My granddaughter is fluent in American Sign Language and works with deaf children. This has always been something I have had an interest in but have never pursued. I am thrilled to have my books be enjoyed on a whole new level.”

Bennett’s interest in writing started in high school when she worked on the school’s newspaper staff. However, it was not until she went back and graduated from college in her fifties that she started writing children’s literature. In 2001, her first book, Mystery at Jacob’s Well, was published. She now has had a total of four children’s books and one adult short novel published.


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