Sunday, 25 August 2013


Since 2004, SignVideo has grown into an award-winning remote BSL interpreting service aimed at Deaf people and those who work with them. All interpreters are experienced & fully qualified and can be accessed instantly online within a matter of minutes - average waiting times are just 31.1 seconds.

SignVideo is the leading Instant interpretation service which provides deaf people with access to a BSL interpreter via your Videophone, Laptop, PC, Mobile or Tablet. It's on-demand service uses the latest videophone technology to bring people together in vision. Whatever your job or environment, SignVideo will allow you to communicate immediately with hearing people through fully qualified, confidential interpreters who are registered members of MRSLI. You can use SignVideo anywhere, any place either through the Wi-Fi Videophones or an innovative app and web service. SignVideo allows you to contact your friend and family, contact your bank or book a doctors appointment, you can even order pizza. SignVideo enables deaf people to live without telecommunication boundaries.

Often many Hearing People don't know the frustration Deaf people experience with the TypeTalk service. Unfortunately the basic skills of written English and provision of Text phones are not prevalent in the profoundly Deaf community sector. SignVideo empowers deaf people to confidently communicate with BSL users via fully registered and qualified professionals in a cost effective manner. In comparison to the TypeTalk Relay service.

SignVideo aims to make communication in everyday life less frustrating and would like to provide equal access to the deaf community allowing them to be independant to communicate with hearing people with ease. SignVideo also urges major companies to provide these service as standard to the deaf.

Below are some of SignVideos partners which allows deaf people to call their helpline and communicate with them through a BSL interpreter:

British Telecom

Halifax Building Society

Lloyd's Bank

Bank of Scotland

Camden Council

Islington Council

Derby City Council 

Barnsley Council


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