Wednesday, 15 January 2014

State Troopers beat up deaf driver....

A photo of Pearl Pearson after an altercation with Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers. (Courtesy: KFOR via deaf man in Oklahoma City claims Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers used excessive force against him for not obeying their commands, despite a sign he says he has in his vehicle that alerts others that he is deaf.

Pearl Pearson, 64, allegedly fled the scene of an automobile accident and was later pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers. Affiliate KFOR reports that an affidavit indicates Pearson resisted two troopers and didn’t comply with multiple orders to show his hands after they had pulled him over on January 3. A seven-minute physical altercation ensued. Pearson alleges he was hit in the face before he could show his ID. The affidavit does not mention if the officers knew Pearson couldn’t hear them. Pearson was arrested and later charged for leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest.

Pearson’s neighbor, Sacia Law, said she knows him to be a kind man and said that what happened to him was the result of a misunderstanding.

“He’s hearing impaired, you can’t yell at him from behind his car and get a response,” she said. “I know they do dangerous jobs and they put their lives on the line, but that is over the top.”