Saturday, 16 June 2018

Tag Abusage and access distortions by sign users.

Why are these videos tagged as for 'Deaf and Hard of hearing', when they are in international sign language and contain no access via lip-speaking, subtitles or captioning, that HoH need to follow? Yet another example of signing vloggers deliberately distorting the HoH access messages by suggesting there is actually an audience via HoH proficient in ISL of any note? Should there be an outright ban on deaf signers tagging videos that are neither relevant to HoH or accessible to them and for youtube this is misleading?   

If these people can find just one HoH person who follows ISL then this clears the way for what is, poor access awareness.  ATR discovered 68% of sign accessible videos claimed access they did NOT provide to HoH.

The 'Deaf and HI' remit is dead, please stop using it.  Output must portray the reality.