Thursday, 26 April 2018

PALS (Deaf support initiatives)

Welsh Deaf beat England (Rugby).

It couldn't have gone any better for Wales Deaf Rugby Union who have been crowned world sevens champions after beating England 21-15 in their first major tournament in over a decade!



An Inactive Alliance?

The conundrum of culture versus disability!  Active Alliance looks to be some sort of half-hearted bridge making, to enable more deaf participation in the Paralympics, to offset the resistance by cultural deaf who are afraid the Deaflympics will fold as a result, it will fold eventually because sports funding has an inclusive policy, and that is the reason deaf AREN'T included, because they are anti-inclusion, using culture or even sign, as an excuse.  

Can't see this going anywhere useful until the Deaf make up their minds who they really are and not put up different personas depending on how much funding they can get or divert to the Deaflympics instead.  It is not as if they can achieve the required time qualifications as it is, and this makes it really difficult (And unfair), when deaf athletes are not able to compete against all comers and, all cultures, because of silly dogma or because their competition can hear.

Either go for access or remain a spectator.  The 'Deaf' have opposed on numerous grounds to be labelled as disabled people.  Maybe AA needs to examine if the deaf participation is genuine or not?

The Visor Cards...

D/HH Visor Cards from WVCDHH on Vimeo.

Here is our long-awaited video for our new Deaf/Hard of Hearing Visor Cards! We worked hard to come up with the ideas and concepts for the video, then Filmanatix helped us to bring them to life. We are very thankful to Cpl. Jessi Redden from the Charleston Police Department for volunteering her time to be in the video. 

We would love for it to be included in law enforcement trainings throughout the state of West Virginia.

We hope our video will bring understanding and awareness to these kinds of situations. Please contact us if you need a Visor Card! Also, please share this video!

Physical representation of hearing loss..

Invisible disabilities project...

Surely, Deaf ASL/BSL users are neither disabled or invisible?  

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Welsh parents unable to afford BSL classes to talk to own children.

Image result for The Children's Commissioner for Wales Sally HollandFamilies with a deaf child are having to spend hundreds of pounds on British Sign Language lessons to be able to communicate with them.

The Children's Commissioner for Wales Sally Holland said many were not able to afford to pay for classes. Some families have also expressed concerns about the lack of provision for children in mainstream schools. The Welsh Government said it had supported training to increase the number of translators in Wales. According to the British Deaf Association, there are about 6,000 British Sign Language (BSL) users in Wales, of which about 4,000 are deaf.

[ATR has not been able to verify these statistics, because 'usage' is vague and undefined as is the 'blanket need' of BSL for deaf children, hearsay.  Because a child fulfils the 'deaf' criteria via hearing loss, does not indicate that child then has to use sign language to communicate, also Wales HAS NO DEAF SCHOOLS, presumably because the majority of deaf children do not require that specialisation and managing OK in Mainstream, only 2 deaf children were reported in S Wales as needing a deaf school approach, they went to Bristol/Bath...]

It is estimated up to 90% of deaf children are born to hearing families. Ms Holland said: "I've talked to hearing parents and deaf parents about bringing up their children who are deaf and it's quite clear they're not all getting the support they need to do that successfully. "There are only between 2,000-3,000 children right up to the age of 19 in Wales who are deaf - so we're not talking about enormous numbers here.

"Those children, I don't think are getting all the help that they need at the moment in Wales and we should be providing more." Kimberly Hooper, from Cardiff, has a three-year-old son called Oliver who has a cochlear implant which allows him to hear and communicate orally. Without them, Oliver is profoundly deaf.

He was diagnosed just 10 days after being born with no family history of deafness, his mother said it had had a massive impact on them.

The issue of providing sign classes to parents whose children also sign is valid, but so too, is further sign education post 19 where 90% of deaf adults no longer hone their sign skills or keep up with changing demands and signs.  They resort to interpreters to simplify it for them.

RAD/RNIB Charities refusing to oppose MacVey?

Following the recent demand from the government minister in charge of welfare, that criticisms of her, or her department could see charitable funding withdrawn.  Give her respect or get your funds stopped?

Read a recent response to the disability area concerns:

On Tuesday 17th April, the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) were approached by Disability News Service and asked to answer questions regarding the Department for Work and Pensions new Work and Health Programme contract.

We provided the following written statement to Disability News Service on Wednesday 18th April:

‘One of the Royal Association for Deaf people’s core values is that we are honest with ourselves and our stakeholders. We pride ourselves on having long-term proactive partnerships with organisations who deliver services to Deaf people. If concerns arise during the term of a contract, we always work closely with our partner to find a mutually beneficial solution.’

'Partners'? With a government agency responsible for 6,300 disabled UK deaths? and 635,000 having welfare and care support withdrawn?  Including own sector deaf members! Also, (and as ATR has pointed out), why are other UK DEAF BLOGGERS still supporting these colluding charities, with one supporting no less than 34 of them? Who has so far refused to withdraw support for charities who are not condemning MacVey outright? And blocking criticism of their stance?

If we aren't part of the solution we are the problem too. STOP supporting charities that accept government funding or work, until they stop killing us.  Also, organise a mass charitable campaign for the removal of MacVey. Time to stand up.

This time next year, I can hear!

 This Time Next Year fans were left sobbing after watching a deaf woman be given her hearing
This Time Next Year fans were left in tears when a deaf woman was given her hearing so she could listen to her children for the first time.

Both TV viewers and host Davina McCall, 50, were left emotional when mum-of-two Lesley returned to the studio a year later after having undergone an operation so she could hear. This Time Next Year fans were left sobbing after watching a deaf woman be given her hearingITV

When she sat down on the studio sofa for the first time, she explained that she was profoundly deaf and could hear "nothing". Lesley, who communicated by lip reading, explained: "My parents found out when I was four."

A year later back on the sofa, she revealed she could now hear after undergoing an operation. Viewers were then shown a video of her two young daughters joking that they were now too noisy for their mum, but if she "gave them more pocket money they would be quieter".