Thursday, 22 February 2018

HoH: 'We are tired of ambiguous/false access claims'..

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Lies, damned lies, and Politically Correct unbiased consulting.   The Arts Council access files are marred with many errors of access and understanding, one wonders if they have swallowed a BSL cultural printout or something, as well as 'gilding the lily' somewhat by claiming to have consulted widely, HoH/Deafened haven't been consulted in any number, nor non-signers, the first they hear about 'access provision' is via online blurbs.

The introduction on access was about culture/sign language,  issues, non-applicable to HI.  They compound the misleading bumbf by quoting the 1 in 6 statistic of 11 million, this stat is NOT applicable TO the deaf BSL user, and is near 4 TIMES the actual and entire population of Wales including the hearing.  Maybe the ACW has never heard of devolution either.  Are they even IN Wales?

While 110,000 may have a serious loss of some kind in Wales there is NO statistic that defines them as a majority, or even minority BSL using. It is impossible to amass such statistics.  Depending who you ask, it could 500, or 5,000 or even more.... Highlighting BSL shortages of access (Actually the BSL user is the BEST SERVED hearing loss area in wales with over 45 BSL interpreters available and 5 major charities to support, whilst HoH needing text and lip-spoken/other support (Areas of access ignored by the arts council), have just.... TWO text operators, and 3 unsupported HOH charities). 2 primary deafened charities have no welsh base at all.

The issue with accessible arts is moot, as they are near all concentrated in the Welsh Capitol (Cardiff), so if you cannot commute there what is the point even of access?  The Arts Council needs to provide free access online for the majority that cannot commute, Wales is a rural country..  Sadly most arts are still signed and nothing else so still inaccessible to non-signers, there is a distinct cut off via output too, dedicated signed arts are not watched by the HI..  Too much funding is going there which offers no access or content to many others with hearing loss and makes no difference if made accessible.

Finding an audience seemed to be centralised to asking Deaf clubs.  A damning acceptance the ACW like everyone else, has no primary or representative area to consult in the HI world, which is hardly making such access available the 94% who do not attend them. 

Engaging local areas is not possible despite an overwhelming majority with hearing loss, they have no central HI area to ask what is needed, as the HI/HoH/Deafened don't support charities or groups.  About the only truism of access is here:-

NOTE: Access can be challenging, as each service
has pros and cons for audiences and
they’re not always interchangeable.

A sign language user may not follow
captioning and a deaf person who doesn’t
use sign language won’t understand
interpreted events.

So they just concentrate on those they can see?  Or just do the same shows twice with different audiences? Access isn't going to work except for a sign user is it?  No objection to that, but please STOP quoting the access as for the MAJORITY with hearing loss.

FACT ALERT (1):  The 1 in 6 statistic ISN'T a welsh one, it is a UK national guesstimate.  (Which includes Scotland, N.Ireland and England too). 

FACT ALERT (2) : There are no verifiable facts to be quoted regarding BSL dependent/users in Wales, we would be interested to know WHO the ACW consulted, as the 'stats' appear to cut and pasted from BSL charities (Who should know better!).  Please don't suggest this is about anyone but the sign user.