Sunday, 17 July 2016

Deaf and Disabled never get hated ?

A comment re a suggestion that said disabled hate crime is a myth. I'm unimpressed with the way hate crimes are approached, they seem to focus on Gay, Ethnic, or black areas mostly. There seems also, some hierarchical order by which the police approach the seriousness of it. 

Being 'careful' not to upset certain areas to the point they are no go ones, and prioritising others unequally, a lot seems media driven.. Brexit is blamed currently !   There are many concerns e.g. Local disabled people were driven from their homes by hateful and harassing neighbours and their cruel children. 

Police said on investigation, "Disabled didn't understand..' or 'Disabled find it difficult to 'fit in'...'  'It's a communication problem.'  78% of all harassment of disabled was instigated and carried out by children, so no cases could be brought against.

It was reported in one local paper a 5yr female child walked up to a deaf 6yr old boy and started kicking him via encouragement from older peers.  As the father stepped in to stop it, the child said '"You touch me, my Dad will beat you up and you will go to jail..", and attempted to carry on...  The child's mother came out and she threatened the deaf father with reporting him to the police as a sex offender... assaulting her 5yr old child.  Fortunately at that point there were too many witnesses to the incident.  But it does seem bullies/haters are clued up on the law that helps THEM.

A survey of local authorities and social housing areas, via a FOI request... found NO cases were listed by police, or by landlords, there was 'no category or definition of disability hate crime that was clear enough to act upon'.  It is HERE.   Hate crime rose 41% in the UK last year.  One  paper  reported 3 entire families of disabled people were forced out of their homes, two via neighbours startling fires against their front door and bullying their non-disabled children, and others pushing and shoving disabled into the road.. 

So why aren't these areas recording hate crime in relation to disabled people ? but suggesting it's their own fault or they are 'depressed' ? The only way to escape the issue was disabled being forced to get medical  'proof' of how the hate affects them, but, not a single party that attacked them was ever charged... or even warned. Of course once a medical aspect/note was part of the issue, then the 'blame' focused entirely on the victim not the perpetrators.

E.G. If an individual has mental health issues, then no-one believes they ever get harassed or are victims, they imagined it.  One deaf family had such serious issues a disability advice centre told the LA 3 of their immediate neighbours needed to be evicted before the deaf people ended up in hospital. Only then did the family get re-homed, but again not a single charge or case was made against the offending neighbours.   The image was, offenders were 'right' and one in an interview with a newspaper said "They had to go, we don't want to live next door to these people.." A public admission of hate, that wasn't acted on either.

The police response on Harassment and Hate is "we don't have a clear definition of one, from the other, so its 'easier' if the person is gay, black or ethnic to identify the nature of it."   This opinion, conflicted with the law they have to enforce.  Ergo, harassment isn't hate.  It's telling there are virtually no statistics defining the level of abuse at deaf and disabled, because the police and system encourage them to say it's their fault..

 Fifty-nine per cent of hate crimes were public order offences, with the vast majority of these (98%) being public fear, alarm or distress;

 thirty per cent were violence against the person offences, of which 30 per cent were violence with injury with the remaining 70 per cent being violence without injury offences; and

 seven per cent were criminal damage/arson offences while the remaining three per cent were other notifiable offences. 

But not listed in respect of WHICH areas are being reported.  This buries any data that can identify how the deaf and disabled are being targeted.  Any individual under 16 cannot be taken to court... or sentenced.  So if they are doing it, there isn't anything you can do about it.

The issue of making parents pay for their children's abuse of others isn't being done either.  When they can start as early as 5 to believe that disabled are worthless or deserve to be bullied and assaulted, it's a damning indictment of society and the morality of parents..... Surely if a child is old enough to know what they do is wrong, they and their parents' are old enough to pay the price...

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