Tuesday, 12 July 2016

'Ere want to win a £100 ?

Might be the only way deaf will contribute !

Another pointless survey to state the obvious, and will get column inches and not a single job extra for deaf or HoH people, still, will pass the time between fending off the DWP assaults on us and sending of CV's no-one is going to read.

The prime issue is EMPLOYERS, they don't want us, they want hearing people, they don't want people with 'issues', they want employees they can hire and get rid of when the please, least of all employees who cost them money.  

If like ATR you are pissed off with charities struggling to have any point and desperate for publicity, we need to better focus on WHY employers won't hire rather than identify the discrimination (Again), we all know about.

Reasons could be:

(1) Hearing employees present lesser issues.

(2) Deaf are too expensive to employ.

(3) Migrants work for less and can be sacked easier..

(4) Deaf awareness is a bloody joke, and a hotch-potch of biased and misinformed information.

(5) The wholesale assumption you have to employ TWO people not one.

(6) The belief deaf people lack IT knowledge and literacy, and an inability to be part of a hearing team...

(7) Sign language and hearing loss is a barrier to fast and effective communications in the workplace where, time is money, and instant communication and cooperation is essential.

(8) Disabled or not ? the 'image' is pretty conclusive... your support/empowerment is giveaway, employers aren't interested in how YOU see yourself.

(9) They don't want to know what they have to do for you, only what you can do for THEM.

(10) WHAT skills/experience do you have ? They aren't a social service.

Before deaf cry foul, these issues are ones employers have stated bothers them.  Rather than yell discrimination and wail poor me, it's time to educate both sides of the realities, and then try to address them.  Or maybe just settle for a gift card.....

The only point to this survey is to declare.. yet another survey is stating the obvious... which charities will highlight, assuming any meaningful sector or number will even respond to it, and given the deaf/HoH are notorious for refusing to do surveys, then run a media campaign claiming deaf suffer discrimination as if it is the first time they ever have... I'm bored already !

Why not arrange for deaf and HoH grass roots to discuss with the relative CBI's in the UK and let some facts be discussed openly on both sides ?  Until we know why deaf and HI are viewed a problem by employers, there is no way to sort it.  First be prepared for some home truths and bite your lip... since, if you go for the wholesale discrimination gig again, we will get nowhere at all.

The whole thing is a bit of an own goal, since charities are not seen as representing the grass roots... (As if anyone is really)...

"Are you a deaf employee or jobseeker? Totaljobs has teamed up with deaf charities; Action on Hearing Loss, the British Deaf Association, SignHealth, the Scottish Council on Deafness and the Wales Council for Deaf People to get your views! 

This short survey aims to discover your jobseeking and workplace experiences. Your survey answers will be turned into a report. 

Totaljobs have engaged an external and independent research agency to help us make this survey. All the data we collect is stored on a secure server and is covered by the eDigitalResearch Privacy Policy.Three survey respondents will be chosen at random and will win a £100 Amazon Gift Card.

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