Thursday, 21 July 2016

Scientists invent cure for deaf

Yippee !  (So why is the sign for 'Bad' being used lol).   Dr Albert Edge of Dutch based company Audion Therapeutics is now developing a drug which could potentially cure hearing losses in humans.

According to The Atlantic, Albert along with his team started project Regain when he noticed that the side effects of the drugs used for Alzheimer treatment were exactly the same what they need to cure hearing loss in human beings.  “We thought, ‘These side effects in an Alzheimer’s patient are exactly what we’re looking for in treating deafness’,” says Edge. “So we decided to try that idea out in these mice.”

The results he found was that the hair cells in mice’s cochlea had begun to respond better. But what is the link between hair and hearing loss? As per reports, humans hear all thanks to a tiny field of swaying cilia deep situated in the skull. Four rows of hair cells sprout in the snail-shaped cochlea of the inner ear, which is filled with fluid. That bends with sound’s vibration opening up pores to activate the electric signal towards the brain.

At present, the drug is being tested on animals and clinical trials on humans are expected to begin soon.  “Primarily we aim to show that it is safe and well tolerated,” says Rolf Jan Rutten, Audion’s CEO, “And also we will look for an efficacy signal,” he added.

Millions of people are subjected to deafness or moderate hearing loss, but despite the tremendous advancements in the field of medical sciences, as of late there is no cure available for this condition in the market. This drug may soon change this scenario.

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