Thursday, 7 July 2016

Take noise off the Menu campaign...

Action on Hearing Loss says that measures to reduce noise levels in restaurants, cafes and pubs could improve business, as "nine out of ten" people wouldn't return to an establishment if it was too noisy. Photo: Kham./AFP/Getty ImagesA campaign to “take noise off the menu” in British eateries has been launched by a leading UK charity after a survey showed that 79 per cent of people have left a dining establishment early as a result of high levels of background noise.

The charity is calling on the catering industry to reduce background noise levels in eating establishments after the organisation released the results of a survey that showed eight out of ten people have left a restaurant, café or pub due to high noise levels, with nine out of ten saying they wouldn’t return.

The survey of 1,500 people also revealed that 84 per cent of diners take noise levels into account when choosing where to eat, 81 per cent have difficulty holding conversations in excessively noisy environments, and 27 per cent believe that they have received the wrong order when eating out due to noise levels.

Reducing high background noise levels in Britain’s catering industry will not only benefit the hard of hearing, but also the restaurants themselves, helping them to welcome customers and encourage them to return.

The UK charity CEO said that reducing background noise levels is a “no-brainer” and that the campaign will “help the restaurant, café and pub industry to create a more welcoming dining experience for all customers.

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