Friday, 1 July 2016

That was the EUD (That was)...

Recent statements from EUD, seem to illustrate the failure of this huge talking shop to actually do anything, but talk and recommend how the rights of Deaf people (With less emphasis on the 'deaf' or HoH), can better their lot..

Most EUD output wasn't even accessible to most Brits unless you understood uni-sign, and there was little captioned output (No doubt by popular demand of the extremist Deaf in their bubble), for us to follow this endless Utopian never-land of ideals and laws/directives without teeth and dependent on the UK government to implement, of course they didn't.

With Brexit a reality, a full stop has occurred.  The issues of poor support, empowerment, rights and equalities of us all, lay at the door of our own government, the UK Deaf and HoH approach has been to lobby Brussels instead, because our government had no intention of listening to them or us.

If Brexit is to do anything it will force us all to start taking on our own discriminatory government on our own ground, something they should have done at day one, rather than running to the EU. We've 1,000s of EU-issued laws already, and less than 18% of them get enacted, now with a rudderless Parliament in the UK, not even those will get air time.

Atypical issues decided upon in the EU, take at least 7 YEARS to get some result.  3 issues the video coverage mentioned were: 

(A) The EU employment directive.

(B) The web accessibility directive, and

(C)  The EU accessibility Act.

(A) Was by-passed by UK employers, who prevent deaf or HoH getting as far as an interview, all quite legal. 

(B) Web accessibility directive impossible to implement in regards to sign language access.  The staff aren't there, the funding isn't, and the will even less.

(C) EU accessibility Act is not even a directive, they are still talking about it, or rather now it won't matter in UK terms....

BSL directive ? a recognition only, still not implementable in education due to (i) parental choices and (ii) A counter equality law that demands deaf and HoH are taught in same classes  and treated equally.  

Whether it happens or not is not the point, the real point is hardly any EU rules are forced through in the UK, who were taken to the human rights court for abuse of deaf and disabled, found guilty  (Along with France, Romania and Poland to name but 3), and still not taken to task for it, with Brexit probably won't now.

What deaf don't understand is the EU hasn't the wherewithal to force through what it directs.  Recent work equality directives, the advances were claimed by Cameron, not the EU, including a higher minimum wages, again NOT from the EU, they cannot implement that there.  Then the UK government promptly reneged on it.

It suggests again unless the deaf and HoH unite for a common cause, rights will continue to go down the drain, but with no recourse to ask the EU to put pressures on. 

One UK commentator on a blog stated 'The referendum has divided deaf people..." No it hasn't, most didn't even VOTE  if Wales was anything to go by, and what proof is there ? This is a pro-remain blogger annoyed because the vote didn't go their way...  They never put 2 sides of the issue for deaf to peruse...

The plea again, is for Deaf/deaf and whoever else has some identity crisis, to unite and lobby its own government, now, they haven't a choice.... It's a pity they wasted the last 40 years under the illusion the EU could do their fighting for them...

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