Friday, 22 July 2016

UK Legal Profession won't support Disability/Deaf Rights.

After reading how Americans take their discriminators to task we can't help but feel envious, even if not approving of the USA sue-everyone approaches.  

The UK needs a fully disability - oriented legal system of support, especially given wholesale abuses by the DWP (Welfare), Social Support, and Employment areas regarding rights, and where deaf and disabled suffer huge disadvantages, despite 3 equality Acts and the Human Rights law. Most of the UK system is still apathetic, and non-approachable, despite being the sole areas really where the access and equality law can be applied.   As we know outside the 'system' it's non-applicable...

Free universal legal aid was removed by the Tories, denying all but the rich and famous from fighting their corner. 98% of all cases taken up ignore the deaf and disabled, concentrating on ethnic/gay/religious areas, where lawyers feel they can better make a case to win...  

Even the much-vaunted European Union were unable to tackle the DWP on our behalf, or the human rights court able to prosecute abuse of disabled in the UK, they expressed the right exists, but the UK won't enable it, and the EU didn't prosecute it.   

The UK approach is 'divide and rule'  Exploiting the loophole 'each according to need', which then prevents any sizeable opposition forming.  You can fight your corner, you can't fight or support anyone else's.  Of course you against the system the odds are heavily stacked against. Maybe utilise social media (which they aren't bound to listen to), or a petition (which the state won't read unless 2m are signing it), even then aren't bound to act upon.

Disabled/Deaf are told if you are on benefits etc then you can apply for legal aid, but there doesn't seem to be any cases being taken up, because lawyers say it isn't worth their while relying on a state payment, and the qualification rules make it near impossible to claim.  Having attempted to utilise disability advice centres/CAB et al, none were willing or able to find a legal set up that would fight your corner on a no-win, no-fee basis and very few, if any lawyers, willing to offer you free advice, or act on it for you. 

We did look to the RAD but they were a conundrum in that their 'trained' deaf legal staff charged too and didn't have full access themselves, even to train up, the 'glass ceiling' prevented them getting the qualifications they needed.

It was based in England nowhere else, so non-accessible outside a very limited area indeed. Then we read deaf there could not make any sort of a living and left. Crazy just don't cut it. I'm no fan of the sue everyone set up in the USA, but envious even deaf and disabled get support from hearing lawyers there, and put out accessible vids...

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