Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Aged treated like shit...

Why does it happen ?  If people are referred to residential care why isn't full assessment done then ? Eyes, ears etc It would seem if you are elderly and have some serious mobility issue e.g. then the assessment is for that only, not the fact you cannot hear or see properly either. 

No-one gets referred to residential care because they cannot hear, there has to be other issues or we would all be in them ! The problem is the care systems aren't recognising hearing loss AS an issue, (I blame the campaigners who keep reiterating they can do everything except hear !).  Erm that isn't helping older deaf people, who clearly cannot or they wouldn't be in a  residential home !

These campaigns are very poorly thought out and dogmatic more than realistic, and addressing awareness.  Hearing loss is just part and parcel of old age ? Acceptable ? Inevitable ? like arthritis or something ?  so to be tolerated (Or not !), rather than addressed. As we know, lots of technologies are available to help, but older people reluctant to use to it. Once you enter a residential home what access to the net is there ? does anyone check ? etc... older people can buy iphones and just text on them, but you don't need an iphone to do that.. 

ipads etc, are useful but older people still need help using those.  

When it comes to socialising with fellow residents...... nothing ? What system of assisting socialising to take place, is at the home ? or are they left to own devices ?   You will always get some older people who refuse to accept deafness is an issue, or if they even ARE deaf, we all have relatives like that. So do we shout at them instead ?

This issue of assessment is rife in health areas too, you can be referred by a GP to an eye clinic and no-one will tell them you cannot hear what they are saying, and your GP KNOWS. ATR lobbied for hearing loss to be included on patient files at the TOP so any referral elsewhere, they are forewarned, not left to us to turn up and find no support is there to follow and the treatment fails or we have to walk out again and get called names. 

Apparently there is ample room included on electronic health filing for that to be included, it just isn't. My old patient file used to have 'THIS PATIENT IS DEAF' printed on the top of it, last time I enquired it had been removed again. So if your GP changes he or she has no idea till you turn up and you have to start all over again, I did ask for links to support too, to be included, again there IS room on patient files for this, and again they AREN'T included. Booking appointments, there is no link to the patient file that ID's you as deaf. You have to do it all yourself every time. No doubt elderly in homes have the same issue.

What I saw was a Dr attending an elderly woman in a home where my mother was, and the Home supervisor said "She is deaf... she won't hear you..." so the Dr proceeded to TOTALLY IGNORE the woman, in clear distress, and talk to the supervisor instead, i.e. until I stepped in and point out that was unacceptable, what if they treated your mum like that ? 

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