Saturday, 13 August 2016

Asda Humiliates parents of deaf applicant...

James Blake and his mother AlisonHow employers see deaf people who need support to work..... Using Mum as terp not helping either.

A Brighton supermarket has been criticised for the way that it treated a deaf job applicant.

James Blake, 18, went for a shelf-stacking job with the Asda branch at Brighton Marina. He was called for an interview on Tuesday 26 July.  His mother, Alison Blake, described the interview as “the most awful experience” and is considering making a formal complaint.

Mr Blake was looking for a part-time job to fit around his studies. He is on a creative media film course. He completed a written application form for the Asda job which included a question asking him to state any disabilities.

Mrs Blake said: “James stated on the application form that he was deaf. He was then invited to an ‘Asda Magic’ session which was booked by email.

“We assumed that because they had asked about disabilities on the form they would read it to check and arrange relevant interpreters. When we arrived they had no idea James was deaf and there was no interpreter.”

Mr Blake was expected to be interviewed alongside five other applicants. When he was called in, Mrs Blake said: “The interviewer asked to have a word with me outside and said, ‘it would have been nice if you had told us your son is deaf.’

Asda Brighton Marina“I was stunned and said that he had informed them on his application form.”  She said the man’s response was: “Just saying. A heads up would have been nice!” He then walked back into the interview.  Mrs Blake said: “I was stunned but didn’t want it to upset James as this was his first ever interview.”

She remained with James throughout the interview to act as his interpreter but she felt that it was difficult to translate some of the group discussions and he was “put at a disadvantage” because of this.  During the interview Mrs Blake said there were scenarios that Mr Blake was expected to discuss with the other applicants that were about management positions.

She said: “I thought the interview would be about James and if he could do the job of stacking shelves, not the kind of scenarios for a management position.  “At one point I was told in front of everyone that ‘everyone needs to participate in the next exercise’.

“I was totally humiliated as James didn’t know what he had said and I felt he was implying James wasn’t making any contribution to the group and that anything he did say actually came from me rather than him.

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