Sunday, 14 August 2016

Deaf Londoners campaign against cuts..

A charity for deaf people in north London is facing closure after Enfield Council cut almost half its funding.

Deaf Londoners say they feel like the local authority is ‘ignoring us’ after cuts were made to the Deaf Project’s funding and are campaigning to save it. 

The charity provides advice and advocacy to deaf Londoners but has been running on reserves since March 2016, since the cuts were brought in. 

Hugh McCormack, from the Enfield Deaf Image Group, told London Live: “Deaf people trust the Deaf Project – [it’s] professional, they can communicate, find support from A to Z. “Enfield Council has stopped the funding – they’ve cut it without any consultation, without any agreement. 

 “It was a shock, it’s like they’re ignoring us.” Hundreds signed a petition to overturn the council’s decision to cut funding to the charity, which helps Londoners to access information, makes phone calls on their behalf, and provides translations.

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