Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Deaf student ignored in fire drill...

A deaf student from the University of Auckland wants to see strobe light fire alarms installed after he was left alone ...
'Didn't know I was deaf..' WHY didn't they ?

A deaf student has been left feeling hurt after he was cast aside and forgotten about following a fire drill in a university building. 

Dean Buckley, a profoundly deaf Auckland University student, said he was sitting in the university's Kate Edgar building on Monday when the fire alarm went off.   Being deaf, he couldn't hear people leaving and was only made aware when a fire warden started yelling at him to get out, he said.

There were about two or three people sitting near him at the time, and he noticed them leaving but didn't think anything of it.   "I can't blame them for not alerting me, they just didn't know I was deaf. My disability is invisible and I can't expect them to be aware of my disability, it's not that simple."

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