Monday, 1 August 2016

DWP forced to reveal vast list of firms using benefit claimants for unpaid work after 4-year legal fight

How over 500 UK firms/charities exploited unemployed via unpaid work. 

Worse, near every leading deaf and HI charity were complicit, along with every other disability charity too.   At the same time some charity CEO's making £100,000 a year and claiming expenses... 

Whilst the rule is no longer endorsed, it did show a shocking abuse by our own charities to exploit us as unemployed people, to help them for nothing.  Worse than zero hours, (Which is still used by some deaf and HI charities),  at least there was a remote possibility of some work along the line there !

Recently the UK's new prime minister vowed to end 'slavery' in the UK, by sending cash ABROAD to stop it, conveniently ignoring her own government's participation in the exploitation of 100,000 deaf and disabled people, to gain kudos via a 'sound bite' in attacking people smugglers.. when the daily abuse of our people, was 30 times that,and included 3,000 premature deaths due to enforced testing of disabled that drove them beyond their limits..

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