Friday, 5 August 2016

Employers Guide to deaf and HoH candidates.

Understanding our issues, how do we do that with sending them pages of do's and don'ts ?  Awareness people don't realise in itself that suggests problems to an employer.  Why wouldn't they just take someone with hearing instead ?

I don't know what the current answer is, but informing others how to communicate always looks like a lecture of some kind. Of course there are access laws etc and awareness needs to be raised, but the overwhelming image of deaf people is they present 'issues' at point of contact, or at least need help at day one... and will need adjustments after being hired too...

In our fast moving 'instant' world where everything has to be done yesterday, we need to change the way we approach these issues, and certainly re-write awareness campaigns and the confusion/bias it presents.  The more variations and diversity you introduce, the more daunting it looks to an employer, who may well feel, I don't need this, and which area of hearing loss diversity is he having to deal with ?

What is lacking in awareness is the EMPLOYER view, how do they see us ?  Time we sat and listened, took on board what their reservations are and addressed them without getting annoyed about it.... at the end of the day no-one has to employ anyone they don't want to.

All deaf sign and need a terp ? or, face me and speak clearly etc ?  The video is diverse in itself and well made, but point of contact is crucial and they haven't addressed the 'hidden' issues... or even how employers see us.  Until we can convince them we aren't a liability not much will change, and attacking them, simply makes things worse.

Let Deaf and HoH campaigners unite and ask the CBI for a meeting with no holds barred, so we can get to grips with the reluctance to hire...  Until we stop skirting around the issue it will carry on.

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