Friday, 26 August 2016

HoH why are they averse to sign or cued speech ?

In a recent debate online regarding the pros and cons of lip-reading (Most of which were dismissive of lip-reading and BSL for different reasons), a poster suggested why not acquire cued speech ? (A system hardly known in the UK).

The problem, could be HoH and deafened students see cued speech as 'sign language' or a form of it, which I am assured it isn't.  Thus very reluctant to adopt it's use, even if classes existed for it to be taught, which there doesn't appear to be.. 

I did ask for details re cued speech and it seems to need some sort of 'supporter/interpreter' ? another no-no for HoH, it is why they are reluctant to use BSL. Many tend to be critical of these statements, the critics are coming from a cultural stance, and not from the point of entry for people losing their hearing.

The fact remains there are huge reservations by HoH to adopt a signing format of any kind, It's easy to assume negativity at Deaf people, or think its prejudice, but the issue is far more complex. HoH/Deafened see their Independence (such as it is !), being taken from them, they aren't convinced that the 'Deaf' take it in their stride, or call their support something else.   The idea of culture is also an issue, will I have to give up all that I know, if I sign ? 

There aren't really any deaf clubs to attend any more.  A lot of the deaf community find the arguments illogical, but if you were hearing half a lifetime, and can still make out something, then the issue can be quite differently seen.

Text technology (Vastly underrated in these issues of access), have opened up wide areas where the access has increased 10 fold for them. Face to Face being replaced, by text to text.   Deaf communities via deaf clubs have been decimated as a result in the UK, you don't have to physically attend a deaf club to meet up.

Who needs cued speech, lip-reading, or sign ?  Isolation has become a cosy area where you don't need to stress about direct communication, this is a phenomenon directly attributed to internet and technology use, why would it not affect HoH and deafened too, who were leaders/pioneers in its usage ?  It makes little difference to  the 'Deaf', as isolation and a community apart is the way they operate anyway.

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