Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Making the deaf vote count...

Is this photo off-putting to the deaf ?

Having looked at regional assemblies it looks like Scotland is the place to raise deaf issues E.G.
Wales  reported 1740 issues raised,
Scotland 2660
Ireland  just 95.  


Wales, if you can raise a petition with just 10 signatures, it will be debated upon.  Yet only myself and 15 others have taken up that option in years.  Perhaps deaf people don't realise they can raise points this way.  

Another problem is representation at the various Assemblies.  In Wales there is a dedicated 'sensory loss' sector, to support and talk about issues we have, but, NO Grass roots can take part, it is all charities, and charities do not represent the deaf.  They are just there basically to lobby assemblies for funds, and NOT raise issues of discrimination, rights, or access.  Aka non-political, which our rights are.

Looking at the website today, and found no-one has participated in this area since November 2015... not even the charities.... If nothing is happening, this is no doubt why it isn't !

Scotland, by far is the place to lobby if you are deaf or HoH ! Petitioning the Scottish Parliament is one of the principal means through which members of the public can have a direct influence and role in the policy development process by raising issues of national concern directly with elected Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

MSPs may not themselves submit petitions but otherwise there are no restrictions on who can submit a petition and there is no requirement to collect numerous signatures in support of a petition, only 1 signature is required. 

It has been difficult to identify how deaf and HoH can raise Issues/petitions in Northern Ireland, and it no doubt reflects the low incidence of issue raising compared with the rest of the UK. Checks suggest you only need 5 signatures to get a petition raised there.

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