Monday, 22 August 2016

Nil Desperandum....

Thomas Salomone, a Maltese deaf man who runs his own construction company, explained that his proudest moment came when he was recognised as a professional, and others in the industry turned to him for advice.

After graduating from the University of Derby with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management under his belt, Mr Salomone was headhunted by a large construction company. The thrill of being sought after was short-lived however as he was unhappy with the way he was treated by the company.

This, together with massive drive, inspiration from his also-deaf father, support from his wife and a good education led Mr Salomone to embark on the brave mission of setting up his own company.

Where others failed, Mr Salomone made a name for himself and his company, proving to the world that obstacles only get in the way if you let them. Not only has Mr Salomone built a successful company, but he also employs around 30 deaf workers and sponsored the Great Britain Deaf Football Club.

One lesson he said he would pass on to all deaf people, especially those struggling to move forward, is to “never, ever give up. There will always be someone telling you that you are useless because you are deaf and your communication difficulties. Do not listen! You are capable of anything. Just because your 

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