Saturday, 20 August 2016

PIP: You can't prove deafness IS an issue...

Following a discussion on the TREE HOUSE (Link to the right on this blog), website covering issues of the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) being wheeled out UK-wide, here is just one comment in regards to how people who don't sign, or 'just have hearing loss', are being pushed aside as irrelevant because they don't, by the arbitrary welfare eligibility 'points' system.  

Most advice  seems designed on informing sign users of how THEY can claim, but not how anyone else with a hearing loss can. Much promotion of the 'D' thing... no promotion of the assumed 'd' issues or recognition of them.

Comment:   "Well they use the D because there is an obvious descriptor of needing support isn't there ? sign itself. I am sure that major point is totally lost on the signer 'though ! 

As a partial lip-reader, profoundly deaf in both ears, but with a fair speaking voice, I couldn't score ANY Points really. Basically because I said if I cannot lip-read people or have difficulty, I ask them to write things down to help me. That was immediately viewed as me having effective two-way communication, so, no hearing loss issues in reality. The irony and discrimination, was that when I attended an open day review At The DWP offices, and had to rely on their speech to text software, but that cut no ice with them either, as I had 'access' I said not outside this room I don't ! 

There was also considerable difficulty, even an impossibility of me getting text support 'on the move' Hospital's provided none, Dr's didn't, Dentists and opticians didn't, even my local authority wouldn't, nor was it viewed practicable at my son's school, hence I was literally forced to rely on sign language provided not for me, but my partner. The DWP response ? 

That is a matter for the law you have a right to it !!! I said how about you complying with that law too ? My partner got her allowances automatically as she signed, I got nothing, even as a support for her when she isn't in a 'set' situation. The DWP said get her a social worker, I said there aren't any deaf ones, the SW his or herself would have to hire a terp to work, and unavailable as and when needed, the cost of paying for two people made the idea ridiculous, it was all pretty ridiculous, and we didn't want a social worker anyway just access...  That STILL would not provide support, for ME.

Deafened people were shafted day one, I should have taken the disability officers advice years ago, play dumb, works every time...."

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