Friday, 5 August 2016

Support your local Hearing Community...

It's time to come out in sympathy of poor hearing people being assailed by noise, we need a hearing charity to support them, and deaf to show more awareness, and sympathy toward the huge disability hearing people are suffering via modern day living.

I though deaf had problems till I met hearing people in earnest.  Now I ask fellow deaf to 'SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HEARING COMMUNITY'


Background noise affects me, and I cannot hear any of it ! Sounds strange, but because a supermarket or pub/club is crowded (Or even when they aren't), I am totally and blissfully unaware of how background noise is affecting the STAFF.  (Those whose attention you can get away from their mobiles that is).

Recently, I popped into my local for a quiet drink and a meal, and it took a pencil and paper in the end to tell them what I wanted, because they could not hear what I was saying. I am told my speaking voice is quite good, not too loud, and I don't mumble either, but because the areas had very loud muzak on, the staff needed me to raise my voice so they could hear me, as I was pitching my speech at a level I thought was cognisant with my surroundings.

I.E. I assumed it was a quiet area and not many people in it, so I didn't raise my voice in appreciation it looked pretty quiet surroundings ! It occurred to no-one to turn it down...(Hearing people I find are frightened of silence,it's a real phobia with them and affects them mentally...  You are thinking this isn't true and I am making it up, it really IS a medical issue, but I digress....

I mean I could shout, and it really IS a quiet area, and be carted off rather unceremoniously as some kind of nutter... I got my drink OK, by pointing at it, but ordering a meal was fraught with logistical problems, I made the mistake of ordering a steak, I don't usually order it as a rule but... and then I got completely lost as 2 members of staff did everything but Act 2 scene 4, of Henry 5th to ask me how did I want it done.. in the end they simply wrote, rare, well done ? 

It ended up as Flubber anyway... But the stress wasn't yet over....No amount of lip-reading worked, I was in two minds to walk, then they started again with, did I want this, or that, or the other additions on my plate, or a starter, or something after ?   By that time half the customers had joined in and the mime was pretty outrageous to be honest, it didn't stop there because all of a sudden a penny dropped, and it wasn't mine !

They thought "we have a really disabled person here that needs help.." (!) and insisted on showing me the condiments and what was best to use, some wag even pulled the yuk and yummy face to emphasise the tastes... I can laugh now but.... never had so much attention in me life... some of it welcome, some not !  Next time I am going to write down exactly what I want to avoid all the palaver... And show more empathy with the disability that is hearing... either that or shoot up the sound system...

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