Thursday, 18 August 2016

What would a HoH dedicated TV program produce ?

I was going to do a survey then realised everyone had gone out for the day so..... I don't think anyone CAN run a program for HoH unless it was solely about access/Health or equipment issues.

I' think I'd start with an immediate ban any coverage of hearing aid tubing issues, and wax removal (Ugh get a life people !)   The problem is BSL output tends to have a dual base of sign language, social areas, and gets feedback.

This isn't relevant to HoH, because no UK HI/HoH community exists, and they still pretend they can hear...

HI/deafened/HoH campaigns/support etc come from just two areas, the rogue lobbyists like ATR,  or the sterile charitable 'please help or support your local Hearing aid user' approaches.   It has no chance of success, it's akin to launching a national support set up for people who wear glasses.

What communication approach would HI use ? It would probably be entirely verbal or Oral with captions, they did toy with the idea of lip-speakers but nobody has a way of using it in media,and they lips-speakers look distinctly uncomfortable and off-putting in video.  Still, if you want to discourage the kids watching too much TV, they are ideal deterrents..

I doubt sign would be an option at all, because you would want to avoid HI/HoH being wrongly labelled. It's a real problem of awareness, so distinct lines would be needed on output. I am unsure any inclusion of Signed English would help, because joe public doesn't know it from semaphore really and would be sure to call it BSL as well, and some errant BSL user is sure to complain,who needs it ?

The HI/HoH area has the numerical superiority over the BSL area, but BSL people have superiority of campaigning, and can call a crowd in to open a fridge without effort. Despite there being 9 million HoH they cannot get a 100 together (Unless we hijack SAGA tours and the stately home/Museum visitor coaches).

I think cultural deaf are vastly relieved we aren't organised. ATR is quite keen to get issues raised,like e.g. BSL and lip-reading classes stopped in their tracks because ATR prefers a holistic approach to communication for HI adults not an and/or approach, I think that would actually rake in a few serious viewers.

Current BSL classes I think at present should be split into relevant areas, as I see communication a different class to 'cultural' promotion.  It is in Wales already to a degree, with 'cultural centres' promoting that aspect with sign, even if they prefer to leave the local deaf community out of it.  BSL-only classes are taught apart in LEA areas. But the overall image is still confusion because teachers are using culture along with sign which blurs the line between sign as a communication tool and sign as a part of something else, HoH adults and prospective tutors, want that distinction made, because culture is relative... and we usually don't change cultures mid-stream.

I think hearing who constitute 90% of students to lip-reading and sign classes, are preventing actual deaf people at the coal face from getting what they need in the way of real help, another issue we can raise in a HoH program, because the BSL program certainly will not.

Lip-reading should be stopped in its present form, as this was supposed to be a format/support/Class to assist those with continuing serious loss, and they are frozen out and left isolated instead, as those who can hear more than them formed cliques via loss degree, poor old UK is still class-ridden !

Sign tuition is a fraudulent approach, as they don't inform those with hearing loss the realities of using it, or the difficulties of getting support for it, least of all where they think they can 'fit in' with Deaf culture or the 'Deaf' themselves.

Next week is culture only necessary to promote sign ? or will we all be texted out of it ?

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