Monday, 5 September 2016

A determined deaf job hunter's inspiring video

David, from Hexham, wants to carry on dog grooming in memory of his mentor who died last year - he has the qualifications, have you got the job?

Job-hunting is hard for everybody. Trawling through websites and newspapers looking for positions, filling in forms, and attending interviews.

It’s not easy to keep your spirits up when you’re out of work. Well, imagine how much harder it is if you’re registered deaf, and your last boss has sadly passed away.

That’s what happened to qualified dog groomer David Cartner, but he is not letting the challenges get in his way and has come up with an innovative way to try and find a new job looking after animals.

David, 30, from Hexham , has made a video, where he presents his message on placards.  In it, he details his experience working as a volunteer at a pet salon in Crawcrook.  Sadly, his mentor there died last year, so David is looking for a new position.

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