Monday, 19 September 2016

BSL rights: Do they disempower the HoH ?

ATR said "Our own fault, we don't ask, we don't campaign we won't get... simples"

One poster responded : 

"I think it's unfair to say if we don't demand we don't get. I've tried all sorts over the years, There is no one on the side of the hoh, and when the local council say that it's a fairer distribution of funds to give to BSL users only, then where do you stand? They've removed the social workers for everyone other than BSL users, once you get older there's age concern, it's the people in the middle that are "lost".  Nobody is allowed to object to the all deaf sign stereotype, in fact no one is allowed to ask anything here."

ATR response:

The issue with HoH is they don't present as any sort of unit or group, that is where the BSL scores, they can call up a load of people in person to open a fridge if need be, but 9m HoH cannot match even that. They don't take their loss seriously enough and 'get by', no demand seen, nothing is forthcoming, or they leave it to AOHL and other charities to fight their cause, but even they cannot succeed if they cannot produce any HoH for people to see! 

E.G. Anyone who attends an AOHL open day would be hard pressed to spot the HI at all, it's all flyers, hype, hearing people, and the hard sell..... After all reliance on charitable support and services is mainly what they are about, not like the deaf who are about empowering each other

There is no sense or appearance of unity.  It's not charity's cause, it's ours and its clear most of us active are 'lone wolves', and when we get strident our support disappears, because HoH are still hiding their issue and in denial, and here we are putting them front of house. 

It may well be they are too isolated to do anything, but there are many ways they can still offer support, we don't demand they appear in person to be humiliated or to struggle to follow.. Too many HoH are scared if we challenge stereotypes we attack someone else's rights, and you can be sure BSL people will challenge you, it's par for the course, they don't differentiate between someone hearing opposing their approach or someone else deaf.

We can do that, we are entitled. If HI don't, then support won't happen, and their holy grail campaign of making us all lip-readers is ridiculous. Won't happen.  By the time lip-reading is viewed an option by most HoH they are too old to gain the skill, or still have enough residual hearing to gain some.  HoH don't take communication seriously, and have become text reliant to a huge degree.  Hence and again, no demand is SEEN.

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