Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dale's Journey.

NHS Foundation Trust - Dale's Journey from zinzan on Vimeo.

The Hearing Implant team at St Thomas’ Hospital provide specialist cochlear implants (CI) to adults who are profoundly deaf across the South of England and Jersey. We have developed a series of short videos showing a range of patients’ journeys with their cochlear implant. Watch the series  HERE

Dale received his cochlear implant at 29 years of age. He had been deaf since childhood and wore hearing aids, but his hearing got worse over time. He talks about his own unique journey of listening with a cochlear implant. 

He shares with us the impact of his profound deafness, his decision to have a cochlear implant, his early experiences of listening through a cochlear implant, rehabilitating his listening and the benefits and limitations of his cochlear implant.

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