Thursday, 1 September 2016

Deaf woman in sign language plea to police

sign2I still do not see how a policeman can know if someone running away from them or not apparently 'hearing' them being asked to stop, can be solved when they aren't facing them.  How can a policeman sign to the back of your head ?

If deaf have some ID from the rear, what is to stop criminals and terrorists copying them ? A profoundly deaf woman from Burton has questioned whether local police adequately cater for the hard of hearing following the death of a deaf man in America.

Beverly Kent contacted the Mail after Staffordshire Police revealed it was seeking volunteers who can speak other languages to cater for its growing immigrant population but questions where the provision is for those who suffer from hearing loss.

Miss Kent said: "I am a profoundly deaf person and I have read the report on support for foreign languages, but I notice this does not include people who are English and need British sign language." Miss Kent said she does not believe there is enough provision for people to learn sign language.

She said: "British sign language is used for many people in the deaf community. There are also other people of different disabilities that use sign language."  Miss Kent spoke out after police in America allegedly shot dead a deaf man outside his front door as he tried to communicate with them in sign language.

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