Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fighting the welfare system...

From social media, one mother's worry about her daughter getting the help she needs..

"My daughter has requested speech to text 5 times now for PIP assessment. They will not be providing communication support Surely this is discrimination. They offered a BSL signer. My daughter doesn't sign. 

They now require 3 weeks notice. So we have now been told from several phone calls "just give us a call" . 2 weeks to the latest 3 weeks. The operator said too many people are requesting speech to text . They cancelled my daughters last appt because the speech to text person was sick. 3 hours before her appt.. Therefore they should have rebooked with speech to text. ATOS are unprofessional and treat disabled people in a disgraceful inhuman manner.
My daughter lost all hearing aged 18 due to severe rapidly progressive sensori neural hearing loss. Prior to this happening her hearing was perfect.

We have contacted our MP"


"I've never had speech to text support in my 47 years of being profoundly deaf in both ears except in one legal situation and that was denied me for 40% of the time even then. In supporting my partner I was denied note-taking support by the Social Services and local authority too. If there is an access law the system is not aware of it. We are told the people/staff/support system for HoH isn't there, and what is there is cost prohibitive as far as the system is concerned, the delays in some areas where it does exist are 4 times that of the availability of BSL support."

"I really do not understand the lack of skilled people argument, a savvy note taker can do the job, an audio typist can, as well as the speech to text and other people. I wouldn't say anyone with hearing and literate can do it, but many can. The problem is they would be dealing with the system and that system would exploit their limited knowledge too. The software is complete pants and unless you like solving riddles harder than the Rosetta Stone don't bother using it.

We are the damned. If we can speak no support, if we can read and write NO support, if we have a hearing aid we hear everything, if we lip-read we are hearing, if we can sign all the help you need, go figure. They are trying to force us to use sign language or go without, so, we are going without. A recent declaration by ATOS and the other DWP subcontractors, state they will provide whatever support is needed for assessments and interviews, that doesn't happen at all. 8 out of 10 with hearing loss were denied support to follow or sent incomprehensible forms that didn't include questions about our hearing loss issues to answer, every other question thus designed to 'catch you out' and repeat , repeat same questions different ways to confuse you deliberately, as any wrong answer invalidates you. Even a plus on one can be removed by a negative answer on another.

They are not deaf or HoH aware and that is down to the charities who are paid to 'advise' but do not ensure the system has listened or monitored.... We are being targeted at our weakest point, the point of actual access to follow, by blocking, or frustrating that, even posting mail to deaf who cannot follow the written word properly then stopping their allowance because they couldn't read or respond to it in time. So we can claim nothing and then lose whatever we have too. 

What we can do is record all assessments on film and on sound, and then expose the duplicity of the DWP. They should have no objection if we don't. We also need 'undercover' claimants who know the system to get into assessments and expose the way they are run. We are at war with the DWP, they are determined to decimate the disabled people's ability to claim help, if we don't fight, then we lose by default. 3,000 disabled have died, it's not a matter of losing a few quid a week, but of ensuring life enhancing support,and not to be told "You aren't entitled to a social life or proper help..'

There is no campaigning support for us, AOHL knows what the issue is so do other HI areas they refer us on to, mostly to people who are faced with the same issues we are, no access to advise, or no funds to provide it. And the CAB is reporting the DWP refusing to talk to them so our adviser's are being blocked too. As the DWP has subcontracted, they don't feel they have to communicate with you at all. Don't get mad, get even, let us expose to the country what they are doing... and why is IDS still allowed to walk our streets ?"

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