Thursday, 15 September 2016

HoH: We don't want to attend deaf clubs...

Concerns being raised at the near non-existence of Hard of Hearing clubs, which posters suggest decimates their desire to have a social life of any kind, and removes them from being identified as an area in need of support.  But, is that the true picture ?

As regards to Wales, there is no set up for the HoH with any continuity at all. The HoH appear to create a club then it closes the month after via lack of support. The one they set up in my area struggled with just 4 members (!) 

I suggested to them they would be more than welcome to attend the dual and long-standing deaf/HoH club that has been going 60 years... they chose not to because they didn't want to be identified with sign using people, who they claim already distort their need requirements. That was despite me telling them the membership was in fact 60/40 in HoH's favour. 

Given we have 350,000 with hearing loss here, perhaps this suggests the relevant charities of AOHL/BDA/Hearing-Links/NADP's of this world are no longer needed as a support option. No demand, equals no need surely ?  Once a need is identified you also have to support that need, not drift in and out whenever you feel like it.

No-one is going to provide help if nobody else asks for it ! The complaints roll in online about discrimination and lack of help, the system says they DON'T tell us about it, show the demand we will try to meet it, then they get a deafening silence.   The HoH try to set up clubs via Lip-reading classes, but they fold immediately after the class ends.  HoH get nothing simply because they don't ask or campaign for it.

HoH do not need support (OFFICIAL).


  1. I really don't understand what is going on here. Hard of hearing people love to complain, but they don't DO anything.

  2. It is a point I am always making, unfortunately they see it as negative and STILL don't do anything ! My latest post was a response to someone at AOHL who complained HoH were being ignored in favour of the sign user. As I point out HI/HoH/'deaf' campaigners are all lone campaigners simply because they don't operate as a group or area in any way. IT has to be said in raising issues of unequal access with the system we get no sympathy at all from the BSL people who are simply going for what they need and have no interest in what we need. It may be argues access should automatically include all with hearing loss, but the BSL people know culture and language is a far better bet ! Is it our fault, I suppose yes it is :( I would like to see the deaf & Hi remit scrapped and some honesty creep into campaigns more fairly so the system appreciates there are two very distinct and unconnected hearing loss areas, and accept horses are for courses and not blanket statements. We don't put up, so we are ignored.