Friday, 9 September 2016

Label me........

The image this article used was pretty self-explanatory, and, shows great unawareness of issues disabled and the deaf perception differences that exist. The wheelchair is a synonymous icon that identifies with NON-deaf.

As a deaf poster points out, not all is what it seems.  

The problem in my area is there are no breakdowns of WHO is being discriminated against. Disabled means deaf. I tried to push local authorities and police here to see if deaf people actually experienced real discrimination, they said "We have no record of deaf people par se being discriminated may well be for statistical purposes deaf are noted as disabled and that is how they are recorded.' 

There is actually a data protection clause in that act which prevents police identifying via disability in case identities are seen of victims. The other problem is the hate crime law itself. There is so much confusion regarding what IS discrimination and what is harassment, which is a different crime under law... the police don't list deaf hate crime as such and put it down to 'communication misunderstandings'. 

You also have BSL users insisting they aren't disabled, and the crime is linguistic and anti-cultural, and other deaf who say they are disabled, so the blanket term is disability until the hearing loss area identifies itself !

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