Monday, 5 September 2016

Lip-reading on the skids in the UK

Lip-reading week now being over, and no-one knew or talked about it, still the teachers desperately swim against the tide of opinion lip-reading is an abject failure for the pupils still able to attend them.  

Teachers won't run accreditation to ensure skill levels are attained or progress noted, classes have a 78% drop out rate, and can only 'teach' those with useful hearing.  Given at any one time most of the class make-up is elderly and with serious loss, who haven't attempted to address the loss till far too late, this means they cannot benefit by a class.

Which seem run for the tutors benefit, and not a system whereby a serious sensory loss can be alleviated or addressed.   Learn ? not Learn ? so what is the point ? A bit of a social life for 2 hrs a week ? hardly justification.  While they continue to extol the virtues of this failing medium, there is no system of lip-spoken or text support to back it up, the only viable system of support being sign language they don't want to use, but being under pressure from systems to acquire, because that is the only readily available system of support.  

So, if you speak German a french interpreter will do ?  If you do manage a modicum of lip-reading skills, you cannot get lip-spoken support.  As this poster wrote in... sign or stay isolated....

"Factually, if you want support in the UK then BSL is the ONLY way to go, since there is no national support set up for the lip-reader or even the text user. E.G. Wales has 47 BSL translators, but just 2 speech to text operators, and just 3 lip-speakers in South Wales, and 530,000 with hearing loss.  The UK overall with just 50 lip-speakers for 9m with hearing loss...

As far as we know there is no register of support, availability, because most are freelance and do their own thing, they need organising and herded together so we know what the support actually IS. Free lance operatives are a real issue with grass roots, they aren't monitored or anything, and pick and choose the clients according to own convenience not our need, costs vary too. 

Lip-SPEAKERS follow the lucrative trail of court work where the wages are very high..... leaving those at street level with virtually nothing but a pencil or paper or reliance on family.

What happens is the system picks the cheapest, not the most qualified. In our case speech to text operatives wanted a minimum 6 weeks notice and a guaranteed £500 fee. Needless to say the system won't pay that, and the 6 weeks notice is ridiculous. ergo we don't have a support system as a result, as that can only come via demand. And you thought only Billy Smart ran a circus..."

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