Wednesday, 14 September 2016

More CI awareness is needed...

Conclusive help for the deaf is clearly available if only those who can hear would listen and learn.  It is an occurrence familiar to the medical world. Technology has been perfected over the past 30 years to the point where deaf or near deaf children, adults and seniors can hear to perfection again. But familiar challenges stand in the way for those who live in silence.

The instrument that will transport the hard of hearing or deaf back into the world of sound is a cochlear implant. A voice of nationwide hope for this outpatient surgical process is Auditory Implant Initiative, a nonprofit in Wichita Falls. Dr. Jed Grisel, a doctor of otolaryngology at Head & Neck Surgical Associates partnered with Midwestern State's Terry Griffin, Ph.D. and students in the computer science department to develop the HERMES management platform.

HERMES is a tracking function used in other health communities to gather data used for analytics and research. At least 15 medical participants nationwide are now using the tracking system. The platform is vital in capturing unnamed patient data to further optimize overall patient care in the cochlear implant community.

"Despite its (cochlear implants) proven success only 70,000 to 80,000 implant surgeries have been performed in the U.S.," Grisel said. "This is only about 5 percent of those who are deaf or near deaf in the nation who could benefit from implants.

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