Sunday, 18 September 2016

Scotland BSL Bill: 1 yr old.

Does this 'Bill' enable parents to demand BSL for their child's education ? or, enable parent's who prefer an oral method to empower that preference  ? 

In the educational area it is the parents who really decide what is best for their kids, and where the real battle lies... most parts of the UK have stopped supporting deaf schools, because the state systems support deaf integrating into mainstream. 

Supporting BSL is one aspect, 'enforcing' its use another.   As I gather from Scottish contacts, Scotland doesn't have the BSL interpreter or deaf teacher wherewithal to empower or create the systems a BSL Bill demands  ?   It could only work in densely populated/city deaf areas, even then could create a 'tiered' system of deaf child educational approaches which isn't good for the deaf community... or for the deaf child..

One Scottish statistic quoted was 2 terps for 300 deaf people, so they need at least 50 times their present expertise to make a real impact surely ?  Before you can make BSL a norm, you have to establish you have that support in place first, show the demand, and this doesn't seem to have been done, it's the tail wagging the dog ?  Priorities the wrong way around ?

Any real demand shown, would automatically create the support needed wouldn't it ?  In parts of England e.g. terps are calling it a day, because the wage isn't worth it due to financial cuts by the system.  Maybe the Bill's success really relies on who pays...

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