Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Sticks and Stones

Scottish deaf currently annoyed one of their politicians used the term 'deaf' in an negative way.  But not everyone deaf is sympathetic to that, or deeming it audism....  Are deaf understanding context here ?

Is it allying not hearing with a refusal to listen ? But the term deaf is used all over the place, deaf ear, dialogue of the deaf, deaf as a post, etc.. all negatives about being deaf and about deaf people, but NOT directed AT deaf people.. 

Lest we forget 'Deaf people have a culture and all sign' is incorrect too. It only applies to a minority in the deaf world. If we are to target bad/incorrect usage of a term applied to us, then we have to start with ourselves. I rather fear the colloquial use of the term deaf is almost impossible to address now. It's not audism as such as the term is usually applied to HEARING people not us, do we do suffer by default ?

Basically it isn't what you say, it is how you say it, and to whom. Do blind people object to blind as a bat term ?  Or even if Bats are blind ? [No, it has nothing to do with vision. Despite the tiny eyes and nocturnal lifestyle, none of the roughly 1,100 bat species is blind. “All bats can see and all bats are sensitive to changing light levels because this is the main cue that they use to sense when it is (night time) and time to become active," said Paul Faure, of McMaster University's Bat Lab.]

A Scottish deaf poster said the use of the term deaf was amounting to racism.  Are deaf getting over sensitive and being attacked by the paranoia virus ?  Racism doesn't apply in this sense to deaf people, we aren't a 'race'. You cannot ally culture or language to race in this context, since deafness affects everyone regardless who they are, or where they come from.   even animals go deaf, are they a race ?

For the record there is no unanimous British acceptance or support for the term 'Audism', it is an american 'buzz word', not a British thing, along with their current 'tone deaf' term doing the rounds and boring our ass off. British  use the term discrimination (Although we did see one ridiculous attempt by someone deaf to capitalise that term to 'D'iscrimination)....  It's usually someone with far too much time on their hands ! 

SEE HEAR covered the term of 'audism' when it first came out, and hardly anyone deaf in the UK accepted it, a lot confused it with Autism. We have enough terminological warfare going on, and we can well do without inventing new ones.  The deaf creating their own thought police ?  oh dear....

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