Sunday, 11 September 2016

STOP offering me sign language !

I'm deaf not Deaf, I'm none too sure they want it all  the time either, what gives ? 

More concerns the HI and HoH are being told text and other support isn't available but being offered BSL instead (Who said the 'Deaf' had poor access when they can afford to offer non signers their excess terps ?  But what is the point of having a German translator for a French speaker ?).

It's an ongoing issue the system refusing to adopt equal rights for deaf or HI who use different means to access than the BSL user does. We are reading more and more on HoH websites anger they are only being offered BSL support despite not wanting it, even being advised to attend sign classes. 

The system has adopted the credo 'all deaf sign' without any consultations or reference to us. The issue basically is the non-signer has no 'national' support base, despite what AOHL does, and the non-support systems of HearingConcern and the NADP.  In Wales 37 BSL terps, 2 speech to text users for (AOHL alleged), 350,000 with hearing loss, the BSL user is spoilt for choice of support, and can select which terp they prefer.... they have such spare capacity they offer to HoH ! 

There are just 3 lip-speakers for that amount of people with hearing loss too, because the lip-speaker has moved to more lucrative court work instead. Their job ads extol the virtue NOT of supporting us on the street, but making a cash killing in crown courts. The plain fact of the matter is lip-reading is so poor and unreliable an access modus, there is no work for lip-speakers on the street, the HI haven't the skills to use them.

ATR blames HoH charities for failing us, and the lack of HoH campaigners or campaigns.  There is no system except to encourage lip-reading, a defunct comms system with a 78-80% failure rate, no qualification, no attainment levels (Learn ? not learn ? who cares ?), and no central contact area for text support or non-signing support. This isn't ATR stating the fact, but system excuses when we ask.

It's as if HI and their charities have given up trying to provide support altogether and concentrate on 70-90yr old OAP's and hearing aids, and wax in the ears, none of this is about real support at point of contact, now we are all adopting the 'deaf way' of doing things 30 years ago, being reliant on letter writing, or families to provide, because a social worker is zilch use who cannot communicate either. Even BSL users no longer employ social workers....  HI cannot get any text support for health in any form at all, so are reliant only on a pencil and paper, it's down to apathetic and lazy HoH and their 'charities' they need to get off their rear end.

No one is more strident than ATR in getting what what is needed, the fact is, the support is not there nor is being campaigned for, so demanding it is pointless...

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