Sunday, 11 September 2016

Woof Justice !

Megan Grant says she was refused service at two eateries because she had her assistance dog Jonesy with her. Picture: Chris Eastman
A DISABILITY campaigner says she was refused service in two Mentone eateries because she had her assistance dog with her.  Megan Grant is calling for greater awareness of the rights of those using such dogs.  She said she was told she could not bring her assistance dog, Jonesy, into the Cluck Bar and La Porchetta in Mentone last Sunday.

Ms Grant, profoundly deaf since birth, said the dog is her ear — alerting her to the doorbell or the phone ringing and other everyday sounds.  She said a Cluck Bar employee became extremely agitated when she refused to take Jonesy out of the store.

Mentone woman Megan Grant wants to promote the rights of those who use assistance dogs, such as her dog Jonesy. Picture: Chris Eastma  “I tried to show him my handler’s card which explains my rights and he refused to read it.

“Customers who were in the shop while this was happening came up to me after and said they could not believe the response.”  Ms Grant was earlier initially refused service at La Porchetta but then seated “away from everyone else” when she objected to not being allowed in because of the dog.

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