Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Deaf or Blind who has the best deal ?

A lot of nonsense but..... Some disabilities — such as deafness — might not be as obvious.

I am thankful I never had to make the choice, I am thankful I can hear.  While you go about your daily life — working, driving, caring for the house and children, watching TV or any other activity — have you ever thought how life would be if one day you lost your hearing or eyesight? If told you had to either lose your sight or hearing, which would you choose? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of one disability over the other?

I have not had a lot of experience with people who can’t hear, but here is some of what I have learned. The deaf people I have been in touch with say they would rather not hear than not be able to see. They use their eyes to help them cover for not being able to hear.

On the other hand, the blind say it is better to hear than to be able to see, for they “see” much with their ears.

Sighted people can usually tell if a person is blind, as the blind person is being guided by another person, a guide dog or with the white cane. Those who are deaf may not even give a clue to their deafness, unless they are seen using sign language or don’t acknowledge you speaking to them until you are right in front of them.

When out walking, those who are deaf may appear to be like everyone else — they stroll along as one who has no disability. They need no help at street crossings, don’t hold a white cane or need to be guided by a guide dog or another person. They see the street crossing signals and read the signs along the street. They enter stores with no hesitation, able to locate the items they are shopping for. They drive their auto, can travel alone and are quite independent. They don’t need a guide, and only use a cane if they also have some balance problem.

But the deaf don’t hear the wind chimes in the breeze, don’t hear the birds singing in the trees overhead, don’t hear their dog bark a welcome, or the neighbor’s cow bawling, or the flock of geese flying overhead. 

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