Wednesday, 19 October 2016

For the Signing Impaired...

Deaf Perception from Ashley & Alyssa Dole on Vimeo.

An old video I came across recently, that started with the introduction 'captions for the signing impaired'  One wonders if 6 years on, such a comment would be acceptable to the HoH or hearing community ?  Is sign use an impairment ? Looks like it is if you aren't fluent in it according to the ASL user. Maybe we should state is sign is an issue in a hearing world ? see if that resonates ?  

Sadly we still can see some sort of 'reverse discrimination' going on ridiculing those who don't sign as 'impaired' because they don't.  How it all improves awareness and sign take up I have no idea, since the 'community' who sign, need all the help they can get, and you don't get that help poking fun at them as some sop to culture...

Deaf 15 year old twin teenage sisters enter a cafe to share coffee and stories from their day. But the hearing patrons around them are captivated by their use of their hands to talk. A group of immature boys makes fun of the sisters, as the sisters discuss how closed minded people can be. But just as they sign this, they themselves see a new sign.

Produced by their Mother and Father Wanda & Marc Dole "Deaf Perception" was written by Alyssa & Ashley (the twin sisters themselves). “Deaf Perception” will also be a learning project for the sisters. Award winning film Producer and Director, Chase Bailey, is guiding the girls through the full detailed process of making the film. Chase and Producer Karlina Lyons have assembled a group of great actors and a great film crew to help the twins realize their vision.

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