Monday, 17 October 2016

HoH Social Media time wasters...

Image result for I don't want your issuesWhen asked why they hardly ever campaign for access, the reply was  "Cannot stand the aggro, just prefer to just get on with own life..." 

A view un-shared by another campaigner... who was rather scathing of HoH sites and members who held that view... and who suggested UK social media made no contribution to hearing loss awareness, and was being used as an opt out to run micro social areas where interaction direct was not even an option.  Who were they hiding from ?

"Some frustration/discomfort/opposition/argument even harassment, is inevitable if you want to improve things, sadly a lot of those with hearing loss aren't 'getting on with their life', or, they are settling for far less than they need. 

It is clear when I talk about such access things, there is a tendency for the HoH to think 'this is going to cause rows... and disharmony, I don't want to get involved with that...' This is I believe root cause why (UK) HoH won't fight for their rights, or put themselves out there, on the line. 

Social media in their case is their cop out, nothing else, because whilst such sites are initially set up to highlight issues, they 'decline' into nothing more than minor clique's who talk about everything but need.. Sit back let charities deal with it."

9 million with all forms of hearing loss, NONE of them requiring any support but a lip-speaker to view a stately home ?  C'mon !!

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