Sunday, 20 November 2016

CI's not needed in 5 years ?

Senior man wearing hearing aid, close upLet us hope this 'cure' advances quicker than the one mooted in 1993 that would cure deafness in 5 years then.  Why hasn't genetics addressed deafness yet ?

Scientists believe they are on the brink of a cure for congenital deafness. Researchers have produced stem cells to correct the hereditary defect.

They have found a way of growing human cochlear cells which can be used to replace faulty ones in people deaf from birth due to a genetic error.  They hope a treatment could be available to patients within five to 10 years.

Professor Kazusaku Kamiya, a specialist in ear diseases who is leading the research, which was published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, said: “I am very excited by what we have done.  Scientists hope the treatment could be available in the next five to 10 years.  "We hope this work will lead to a cure for a form of hereditary deafness. “We have found a way to make cochlear stem cells.

"The next step is to find a way to safely inject them into the patient’s ear. It is possible a therapy could be available within five to 10 years.”  The work, which is being carried out in a laboratory at Juntendo University in Tokyo, Japan, aims to correct a mutation in a gene called Gap Junction Beta 2.

This accounts for deafness or hearing loss for one in a thousand children.

In some parts of the world mutations of this gene are responsible for as many as half the instances of congenital hearing loss. Professor Kamiya and his team have engineered and grown stem cells to replace human cochlear cells without this mutation.

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